Healy Project Winter Party

On Sunday, February 12, Healy Project supporters, neighbors, and members of the Healy family met at an 1895 Healy-built house in the Wedge. They celebrated the restoration of the house’s interior following a fire and looked forward to a year of special projects and new research regarding the life and works of T.P. Healy. Every inch of the surface of the interior had to be cleaned, and refinished or repainted after the fire.

Healy Project Treasurer Christina Langsdorf signing in guests.
Healy homeowner and board member Dennis Tuthill (center).
Hostess Andy Thaden (beige sweater) chatting with guests.
Host and HP Secretary Gary Thaden, the third attorney to own the house.
Reflections in the buffet mirror.
Healy homeowner Meg Tuthill (far right) and neighbor Audrey Johnson surveying the treats.
Former HP board members Nat Forbes and Karen Gjerstad (left) with John and Denise Erler. Nat won the door prize, “A Place at the Lake” by Paul Clifford Larson.
The mantelpiece and built-in bookcases in the back parlor.
Leonard Healy (seated), the descendant of Theron’s brother Anderson.
HP President Anders Christensen (right), with host Gary Thaden.
HP Administrator Trilby Busch (right) and Kathy Healy Mendelkoch examining the award that Kathy accepted for Charles Woodrich, T.P.’s grandson.
A copy of the building permit, with T.P. Healy’s name at the top.
Lowry Hill Healy homeowner Robert Hinck checking in.
Ceridwen Christensen in the front parlor.
The window in the front second-floor bedroom.

Photos by Richard Mueller

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