In the late 1970s, while doing an architectural survey of buildings in Minneapolis’s Lowry Hill East (Wedge) neighborhood, researcher Anders Christensen discovered that one master builder T.P. Healy had designed and built more structures than any other. Further research by Christensen and others found that Theron Potter Healy was Minneapolis's most prolific master builder, constructing nearly 200 structures during His career (1886-1906).

Healy, a native of Nova Scotia, moved to Bismarck, ND, in 1883, and from there to Minneapolis in 1886. Healy designed many of the houses he built, but he also worked with a number of architects, including H. W. Jones, W.M. Kenyon, and W.C. Whitney. His most famous group of houses (3100 Block of Second and Third Avenue South) received national designation as the Healy Block Historic District in 1993.

The Healy Project is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to researching, preserving, and celebrating the architectural legacy of Healy and other master builders of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This map shows Healy’s buildings, both those standing (red icons) and those demolished (gray icons). In addition, a click on an icon will lead you to photos, anecdotes, researchers’ notes, current property value, and links to other related databases.

The red lines represent key streetcar routes.