Healy Project Files Suit to Stop Demolition of the Orth House


The Healy Project has filed suit against the owner in District Court to prevent the demolition of the Orth House, 2320 Colfax Avenue South, in Minneapolis. The lawsuit will establish that the property is a historic resource and that the property will be preserved for the benefit of future generations of Minnesotans. Moreover, the lawsuit
will establish that there are viable options to demolition for this property.

Last year the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission declared the Orth House an historic resource, exemplifying the work of a master builder and architect, Theron Potter Healy. As noted in a 1981 Twin Cities magazine article (“Legacy of a Master Builder:
Theron Healy’s Dream of Minneapolis Lingers in his Queen Anne Architecture”), the house is the transitional design in Healy’s illustrious career. The Orth House is the only one of the four built by Healy in 1893 that is still standing. If left uncorrected, demolition of the Orth house represents an unacceptable and irreplaceable loss to the current and future residents of Minneapolis.

The Healy Project will present various options for redevelopment of the property, including adaptive reuse and integrating the house with new construction. We envision a Wedge streetscape that includes a mixture of old and new buildings of various styles, offering a variety of housing options affordable to all economic classes of residents and
future city residents.

We look forward to partnering with the Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association, the City, and city residents in building a sustainable city from our existing housing stock.

ain't over.

2 Replies to “Healy Project Files Suit to Stop Demolition of the Orth House”

  1. Are there any updates on the court proceedings? A beautiful home was torn down here in Macon, Ga recently that was directly across the street from our medical center. The property owner Mr. Patel, is going to build a Duncan Donuts there! Completely stupid!!!! Surely he could have remodeled a bit so that long-term and short-term families from the hospital could stay there. Truely makes me sick! Good luck with your cause!

    1. Thanks for your inquiry.’Sorry for the delay in replying.
      The judge did not grant a demolition injunction to the Healy Project. The Healy Project could continue the MERA suit without the injunction, and is still considering doing so. Meanwhile, the developer is slowly making the rounds through the various City agencies and committees to move his project ahead.
      As T.P. says, it ain’t over till it’s over.

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