A Presentation on Master Builders Ingham and Parsons, Saturday, March 18th.

Free Library Event.
Walker Library. 2880 Hennepin Ave. S. Minneapolis. 612.543.8400

             HENRY INGHAM                    Henry Parsons

From Yorkshire to Minneapolis: The Architectural Legacy of Master Builders Henry Ingham and Henry Parsons

Saturday, March 18th, 1-3 p.m.
A presentation by Trilby Busch and Anders Christensen of the Healy Project
Along with theron potter healy, ingham and Parsons are the “Big Three” master Builders of turn-of-the-century minneapolis. Take a Virtual tour of north and west Yorkshire, england, the home country of ingham and parsons, followed by a presentation of the buildings they designed and built in minneapolis.
2432 Bryant Ave. S., Ingham 1899
2504 Euclid Place.,  Parsons 1909
For more information, see these posts on this blog:
“Henry Ingham’s Yorkshire” August 10, 2016 and “More Hauntings: Houses by Henry Ingham” October 24, 2015

4 Replies to “A Presentation on Master Builders Ingham and Parsons, Saturday, March 18th.”

    1. Horace Leighton was certainly one of the most prominent commercial and large-house builders of his day. The Healy Project has been focusing researching master builders who erected buildings of their own design, and the top ones we found so far are Healy, Ingham, and Parsons–who combined built, we estimate, nearly 400 structures. However,we would encourage interested researchers to put together a building list on Leighton to compare to the works of the other master builders.

  1. Hello! I’m looking for some information in Henry ingham. My house was built by him 12/22/1892.
    Turning it into a boutique b&b and would like to know more. It’s called CW Bridgham house after the man he built it for!
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your inquiry. The information we have on Ingham is not written down–except in the two posts on this blog. If you send an e-mail to info@healyproject.org, we can e-mail you a building list of Ingham houses. If you would like to get together to talk about Ingham, include that in the e-mail.

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